The first of many weekly updates (unless I screw this up)

I’m planning to post a weekly update. It’s something I want to practice so that I form better habits around sharing my work early and often instead of hoarding it and attempting to perfect it (in other words, participating in delusion). I’ll probably be making these on Fridays just for a sense of finality and… Continue reading The first of many weekly updates (unless I screw this up)

Designing for taproot

UPDATE: Taproot offers space savings and potential transaction fees savings, however it’s complicated and requires nuance to be accurate. There were several things I didn’t understand properly when I wrote this for the first time. Thanks to Murch for pointing this out for me and helping me understand this better. I’ve left the old stuff… Continue reading Designing for taproot

Lightning Address: Like an Email Address for Your Bitcoin

I have noticed Lightning Address receiving a lot of attention over the past few months. It has quickly gained adoption by many Lightning wallets. I think it’s a pretty useful tool for making Lightning payments easier for the user to accept. I’ve also heard some criticisms of Lightning Address. I decided to try and work… Continue reading Lightning Address: Like an Email Address for Your Bitcoin

Hiding Wallet Balances

I’ve participated in several discussions in the Bitcoin Design Community about hiding wallet balances. The Basic Summary By default, most wallets display the bitcoin balance very prominently on the home screen of the app. This could be a risk to the user, as they may not want anyone peeking over their shoulder and seeing their… Continue reading Hiding Wallet Balances

Hello world, again

My name is Stephen DeLorme. I’m a designer and front-end developer working on Bitcoin. My current project is helping out on the Bitcoin Design Guide, where I focus my efforts on crafting UX best practices for Lightning network applications. I received a grant from Square Crypto so that I would be able to work on… Continue reading Hello world, again