I didn’t screw this up (yet)

But there’s always next week.

Where I left off, it was almost time for Thanksgiving and the Legends of Lightning submission time was drawing close.


Nick and I worked late into the night to get our submission polished up for Legends of Lightning. I worked on building out as many different screens in the user’s journey as I could, and Nick focused on making the initial onboarding flow shine with an animation that tells a story between screens. His insight was also that the radial slider should be more like a smile. (Turn that frown upside down, broh.)

Here’s our pitch video that we submitted:

Unfortunately, I had the -verbose flag on, so our pitch went 46 seconds over the suggested limit.

After Thanksgiving, I worked on non-bitcoin personal art projects during the long holiday weekend.

Monday, I returned to work in-time for the Legends of Lightning finalist announcements. We were all pleasantly surprised to find that PlebFM made it as a finalist!

That means Alex, myself, and hopefully others will be spending the weekend hacking on PlebFM and getting it ready for our final pitch on December 6th.

Bitcoin Design Guide

We’re pushing ahead on the Design Guide. The case study PR that IU helped Mo with was merged this week. As Mo proceed to getting Patricia Estevao’s user personas merged into the Guide, I proposed some ways to format these user journey diagrams. I’m also working on getting some issues from Milestone 17 wrapped up by next Guide jam call.

We’re still pushing ahead with merchants content. We had our first product review call on Wednesday and gave feedback to Mia White on her new send flows for Bitcoin Beach wallet.

I added several more merchant product reviews to the calendar for December and January. I’ll start fleshing out the merchant content outline more next week.

I met with Jakub and Dada today to jam on a series of open header image issues for the Guide. We did a lot of idea brainstorming. We can move forward with polishing up these ideas next week.

PR Reviews

Review a ton of PRs this week. Mostly just small image updates from Christoph. PR review actually takes a lot of time and it’s one of those contributions that can be really underrated. Reviewing somebody else’s work is your chance to catch bugs, mistakes, errors, etc. I think it’s easy to do quick YOLO PR reviews, but doing PR review well takes time and concentration.

Atlanta BitDevs

Everything else is pumpkin flavored this month, why not bitcoin, too?

We had Socratic Seminar #13 on Wednesday night. I always love hosting these and planning topics. Lower turnout than usual. It’s the week after a holiday, and also, meetup attendance tends to track with the price of bitcoin. But no complaints from me; better to gauge meetup success on the quality of conversation, of which it was very good. Here’s our topic list from the other night.

One of the funniest moments of the evening was when I tried to open a lightning channel using Mutiny web wallet, live in front of the entire room.

It turned out that I had to go to the settings screen in order to “set up my node”. I was averse to doing this because I have what you might call a design disagreement. The settings screen displays the seed phrase in plain open sight, and it does not warn you that it’s going to do this before you visit the screen. This is problematic as I had already sent on-chain funds to the wallet. I ask the room “can I just, like, trust you all?”

Of course, as soon as I pull up the settings screen and flash the seed, I see my friend Bryan take a photo of my screen and start fiddling with his phone. I had a strong suspicion he was about to load my recovery phrase into Bluewallet, so I quickly had to sweep my on-chain funds from Mutiny to another wallet in front of the entire room.

Can we get a “tap to reveal” button for the seed phrase? 🙂