It’s a way of life

It’s a way of life. That’s how it feels after executing my weekly update for the 3rd time.


Where I left off, I was preparing to spend the weekend hacking on PlebFM. Well, I spent the weekend hacking on PlebFM. And Monday, and Tuesday.

Demo of the PlebFM UI, featuring the radial slider I am quite proud of

Here’s our repo. We made a ton of progress. Alex, Jordan, and Bryan worked on the backend infrastructure, Nick worked in Figma to polish up our visuals, and I focused entirely on front-end code during this sprint.

APIs really animate some people

In the end, we didn’t deliver a 100% functional product before presenting to the judges in Legends of Lightning, but I’m proud of the progress we made. We basically have a full UI for the frontend, and a ton of awesome API routes, and we need to combine all of these so they talk to each other.

We plan to demo the working PlebFM at the next Atlanta BitDevs Socratic Seminar, which will be towards the end of January 2023.

Notes on our stack

  • NextJS 13 – trying out the new App directory just to be edgy. You think you’ve lived? Try committing to using beta software in the 11th hour of a hackathon.
  • Voltage – super quick to setup a node and get inbound liquidity
  • Spotify API – 🤷‍♂️

And the Legends of Lightning winners were absolutely phenomenal, by the way.

Bitcoin Developers Twitch

I continued my work this week on a website for the Bitcoin Developers Twitch. I’m using this opportunity to expand my knowledge of TypeScript.

It’s a fairly simple site — homepage and then a dedicated page for each episode. I’m taking time to put care into some of the subtle details and also setting it up in a way to where it will be easy to update with new episodes in the future.

When it’s done, it will look like this, provided that this is your home office.

Design Guide

I opened a PR on the Guide to address an issue about the pluralization of satoshis and other bitcoin units. I also fleshed out the merchants outline more. I am hoping we can get Milestone 17 wrapped up ASAP and then move deeper into merchants content.

This upcoming week, we’ll be looking at BTCPay on our Merchants Product Review call, so I’ve been messing around with a fresh lightning node and BTC Pay instance on Voltage so I can learn BTCPay a little more deeply.

Wrapping Up

Getting ready for the Atlanta BitDevs + BitPlebs Holiday Bash on Monday, which will be the final BitDevs of 2022. I’m hoping to clear out as many issues on the Guide as possible with the remaining time left in the year.

Until next week!