Motion Graphics Reel

A collection of my motion graphics work, as a freelancer and while working at Superlux. Includes work for clients such as IBM, AT&T, Benz Research & Development, and more.

Fringe Territory

When I decided to tackle writing and directing Salvage Mission 9, my first feature film, I approached the project by producing a short film proof-of-concept first. The result is Fringe Territory: Salvage Mission One, a sci-fi short film where a lone salvager fights for survival against an enemy he can’t see in a post-apocalyptic junkyard.… Continue reading Fringe Territory

Digital Evidence

IBM needed a product demo video to talk about their offerings which can be used by law enforcement agencies to improve their handling of digital evidence. At Superlux, I wrote, art directed, and composited this flashy 3D product demo video, which the client employed at a tradeshow to gain business leads. Want to see more… Continue reading Digital Evidence

Benz R&D

Benz Research & Development markets their technology by taking it directly to their customer’s customers: eye surgeons. At Superlux, I worked on a variety of video campaigns for Benz R&D, including tradeshow graphics and a documentary web series called Benz TV, which I also built the website for.