Cognitive Plant Advisor

IBM needed an explainer video to show off their IoT (Internet of Things) solution for manufacturing plants. At Superlux, I art directed and animated this day-in-the-life story of a plant manager overhauling his operation with IBM solutions. Want to see more of my animation work? Check out these projects: Cloud Brokerage Services The Nut Factory… Continue reading Cognitive Plant Advisor

The Nut Factory

The Nut Factory is a 360 video that I art directed at Superlux that served as a VR component to our annual client gift of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. We used a combination of Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Mettle Skybox to take viewers on a tour of our fantasy nut factory, where whimsical woodland… Continue reading The Nut Factory

Cloud Brokerage Services

IBM needed a video marketing campaign for their Cloud Brokerage Services. At Superlux, I art directed this series of animated videos, with each one focusing on a specific type of customer and their pain points.


Kenexa needed shareable content that catch what people’s attention in order to promote their talent recruitment software. At Superlux, I art directed this campaign of online videos, which IBM used in accompaniment with blog posts to reach new users.

No Man Left Behind

I illustrated this graphic novel as an experiment with comics in the web browser. It was a proof of concept for a larger sci-fi story, but also was intended as social commentary on a story that was in the news at the time of writing. Want to see more of my work in graphic novels… Continue reading No Man Left Behind

Cardlytics Heroes

Cardlytics needed a graphics kit for an internal sales conferences. The Cardlytics creative team had given the event a vintage super-hero theme. At Superlux, I contributed these illustrations to the project. Want to see more of my illustrations? Take a look at these projects: No Man Left Behind Kenexa Cloud Brokerage Services

Bicycling Comics

I created a comic book series to advertise a line of bicycle maintenance and cleaning products. The characters rode their mountain bikes through an array of challenging and fantastical scenarios. The booklets were a hit among children at cycling races. Want to see more of my work involving comic books, graphic novels, and illustration? Check… Continue reading Bicycling Comics