Visual Effects Reel

A collection of my visual effects work, as a freelancer, independent filmmaker, and while working at Superlux. Includes work for IBM and several short films. Watch the Reel

Technology Campaign

This video campaign is a series shorts I directed at Superlux, targeted at the tech sector. My goal was to try and present current tech topics in a less-routine and more imaginative manner, and position Superlux as a digital marketing resource for tech companies. Want to see more of my work for the tech sector?… Continue reading Technology Campaign

Fringe Territory

When I decided to tackle writing and directing Salvage Mission 9, my first feature film, I approached the project by producing a short film proof-of-concept first. The result is Fringe Territory: Salvage Mission One, a sci-fi short film where a lone salvager fights for survival against an enemy he can’t see in a post-apocalyptic junkyard.… Continue reading Fringe Territory

Digital Negative

I directed this film for the 2015 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project. My team’s category was mockumentary, and from we chose to create a more psychological piece dealing with paranormal activity and digital interactions.


I worked on this project at Superlux. IBM needed a brand film to promote the new digital evolution of their classic Redbooks series of technical manuals. I worked on design concept pitches, illustrated storyboards, VFX supervised on set, edited, and composited this piece.